“We will fight diligently for the American dream and for all Realtors who make that dream possible.”

- Tom Salomone

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from Tom

The real estate industry faces unprecedented challenges right now, from threats to the mortgage interest deduction to impending regulations that could strengthen – or weaken – the housing market. Our strength as a Realtor® family is how we leverage our collective voices … our members, our clients, our partners… so that together, we positively affect issues of importance to our members and the communities they serve.

I am extremely grateful to serve our membership as First Vice President and we will fight diligently for the American dream, and for ALL Realtors who make that dream possible.

~ Tom Salomone

2014 NAR First Vice President


With Tom

Over the past several years in my travels, we talked about the problems we face with short sales, foreclosures and the related difficulties in the residential, commercial and financial markets that will be our reality for years to come. While other challenges will emerge, I am confident in our ability to meet these opportunities and threats. I have seen first-hand what the collective efforts of REALTORS® can do in addressing issues that threaten homeownership and free enterprise. We talked about the fact that we love being REALTORS®, we love serving our clients and customers, and we know that in these tough times, our industry needs to speak with one strong voice. And, now more than ever, we need to be ready to face the constant legislative and regulatory issues that affect our profession.

So, here are some of the places I’ve been privileged to visit over the past several years…travel along with me!

May 2013

Breakfast with Champions
  • Friday, May 17, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
  • Connect with REALTOR® Champions everywhere in support of my candidacy
  • Maryland Suite, Marriott Wardman Park
  • Washington, D.C.

Campaign "Thank You" Reception
  • Friday, May 17, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Join me this night for a heartfelt thank you for your support along the campaign road
  • Mezzanine Level, Marriott Wardman Park
  • Washington, D.C.

April 2013

To kick off the month, I was given opportunity to visit with the dynamic leaders in Region XIII during their leadership retreat in Fargo, North Dakota. There is just no replacement for sitting down together to discuss the issues affecting us in our local markets, regionally and nationally.

I had the honor of speaking with the Arizona REALTORS® at their spring convention. What a great group, working hard for their members and the citizens of Arizona!!!

In Mid-April, I was given the chance to visit the great state of Illinois to meet with the Illinois executive committee and sit in on their public policy committee meeting. Our Illinois REALTORS® are on top of the issues and put the My REALTOR® Party resources to wonderful use.

March 2013

In late March, I have the distinct honor of presenting at my local Women's Council of REALTORS® North Broward Chapter.

February 2013

In mid-February I attended the NAR Issues Conference, it was great to hear the guest legislators give so much praise to our REALTOR® work in DC. They also urged us to get our clients involved in our issues, which we have laid the groundwork for this past year, when the NAR BOD approved a three year program to extend our public advocacy reach.

This month I had the privilege of visiting a dynamic group of REALTORS® at the Rocky Mountain Region XI Leadership Conference in Santa Fe. It’s an incredible honor to have Region XI’s strong support and to be your 2014 NAR FVP Nominee!

January 2013

I’m honored to continue my personal visits with REALTORS® across the country and am available to your association whenever I can be of help.

This January, I had the opportunity to spend time with the California Association of REALTORS® during their Winter Meetings. Then it was off Washington D.C. for the January NAR Conference. The passion of my fellow REALTORS® in their home states and on the national level is wonderful. It’s my sincere pleasure to share your passion!

December 2012

As I reflect on 2012, I'd like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for the love and support REALTORS all across the country have shown me. May God bless you all in 2013!!!

November 2012

It was great to see so many friends in Orlando at the NAR Conference & Expo. I am sincerely humbled and honored to be your 2014 NAR First Vice President Nominee.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the NAR Nominating Committee and the 41 states, territories and regions that have chosen me as their nominee.

I especially want to thank you, NAR Directors from across the country, for taking your time and diligence to interview me, deliberate and endorse my candidacy.
October 2012

It was an honor to attend the Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS (PRAR) Installation Banquet and spend time with my REALTOR® Family in Old San Juan. We all share an amazing passion and commitment for our profession!!!
September 2012

Taking care of business…real estate, volunteer responsibilities as Director of REALTOR Activities, working hard to help members welcome our customers home!
August 2012

In August, I always appreciate the opportunity to come together with members from my home state at our annual Florida Realtors Convention & Expo.
July 2012

This year, the NAR GAD (Government Affairs Directors) Institute held its annual meeting in Nevada. I had the privilege to address the GAD institute and speak about My REALTOR® Party. While in Nevada, I had the opportunity to sit down and personally visit with the Greater Las Vegas Board of REALTORS. We shared ideas and discussion during a open forum and Q&A period with the Las Vegas Directors, and during a handful of large broker meetings.
June 2012

This month brought the opportunity to visit and speak with members from my fellow Region 5 at the VIrgin Islands Territorial Association of REALTORS ® annual meetings. The 2012 National leadership team met in Chicago and I proud to serve as a part of this great team!
May 2012

I experienced one of the greatest honors of my Real Estate career this month. As Director of REALTOR Party Activities, I was the MC for the largest REALTOR activity ever, the Rally to Protect Home Ownership! Nearly 15,000 REALTORS came together, like never before, in front of the Washington Monument, once again, showing we are THE VOICE FOR REAL ESTATE!!!
March - April 2012

Visited South Carolina, where hundreds of REALTORS® from across the state gathered at their capital for "REALTOR® Rally". The halls where flooded with REALTORS®, and all the legislators knew that the REALTORS® were there in force. Our advocacy efforts across this country continue to grow daily. Our REALTOR® passion is awesome!!!

In early April, I had the opportunity to speak at the Jackson Association in Mississippi. They have the most major investors per capita of any local association in the country, an amazing group!!!
February 2012

This month brought the opportunity to spend some time with the REALTORS in the Rocky Mountain Region 11, Region 12, and Texas during their annual winter meetings.

Many thanks to the NAR directors in Alaska who endorsed my campaign this month. With this endorsement, we now have a total of 35 state and territorial endorsements. The love and support across this country is unbelievable!
January 2012

Participated in the NAR leadership team meeting in early January, exciting things in the works for this year! Later in the month, I had the honor of helping to facilitate NAR's Advocacy and Policy conference in DC.

Utah announced their endorsement making Utah the 34th state or territory to endorse my campaign, that’s in addition to our 4 regional endorsements!! Thanks to the hospitality of the Alabama Association of Realtors and California Association of Realtors, I had the pleasure to visit with our friends from coast to coast at their annual winter business meetings.
December 2011

Washington, D.C. where I had the honor of representing our 1.1 million REALTOR® members by testifying in front of The United States House of Representatives Sub-committee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises. I spoke to the sub-committee regarding proposed legislation by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) to bring private capital back into the secondary mortgage market. It will take years to reform the real estate and mortgage markets, but I am privileged to be a part of the process. (CLICK HERE for my full testimony). And, as the 2012 Director of NAR’s REALTOR® Party Activities I was involved in the training here for all the committees which come under the “My REALTOR® Party” initiative. These NAR meetings were here in Florida last week. Our association is extremely fortunate to have volunteers and staff with such passion and commitment for our profession. We should be VERY proud!!!
November 2011

Another exciting, endorsement-filled week in Anaheim at NAR’s Annual Conference & Expo… just after Thanksgiving endorsements are up to 33 states and territories and 4 regions…Wow!
June-October 2011

taking care of business…real estate, local, state and national business as well. Endorsements keep coming in…it is truly a privilege to be able to serve.
May 2011

A very full, terrific week at NAR’s Mid-Year Legislative Meetings in D.C. – Had a terrific “Breakfast of Champions” and received a number of additional endorsements’ – very humbling.
January/February/March 2011

Three very busy months! Started in Washington, D.C. for NAR’s Policy Conference, then on to New Mexico, New England and Texas who all honored me with endorsements. Ended with NAR’s RPAC President’s Circle meeting with our wonderful Region 5 friends in Puerto Rico.
November 2010

NAR’s Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans…local REALTORS® showed me their beautiful city; and Louisiana has graciously endorsed my campaign.
October 2010

Colorado…a great time to be in Colorado Springs talking to hard-working members – their support of my campaign is wonderful.



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what REALTORS® are saying

Sharon Millett headshot

"Tom is a “hands on-get it done” Realtor, while at the same time, he is strategic and visionary in his thinking. A great blending of strengths which will serve him well as President of NAR.."

~Sharon Millet

1999 NAR President

Elizabeth Mendenhall

"Tom is aware of the importance of mentoring and encouraging new leaders. He embraces unconventional ideas and is not afraid to reach out for fresh viewpoints."

~Elizabeth Mendenhall,

2011 NAR Vice President & Liaison to Committees

Rob Mehta headshot

“Tom is an amazing leader. His biggest advantage is that he will be a member's president; he comes from the field and knows the challenges the member on the street faces because Tom deals with the same issues.”

~Rob Mehta

2011 NAR Liaison Technology Group

"I mainly deal with short sales, and he understood the whole process of the short sale. He understood what we go through as Realtors®, and I could just see that he was going to be there for me when I needed him. I truly feel that if it wasn't for Tom I probably would have been out of this industry by now."

~Jeanne Hessen

Realtor®, e-Pro

what Tom's clients are saying

"I was looking for a house in a nice neighborhood. I found this one and Tom had the listing on it. The house was on a short sale, so I was also concerned with timing. He assured me that within thirty days or so we would be able to take care it. Sure enough, he was solid at his word, jumped through hoops, did so much to make this happen. He did make the sale come through right after the thirty days."

~Liana Arevalo

Client (Buyer)

what key leaders are saying

Terrence McDermott

"As EVP of NAR I had the opportunity to work with and observe many REALTOR leaders, Tom Salomone will be a great President of NAR. Give me Leadership first, management follows."

~Terrence McDermott,

Past Executive Vice President, National Association of REALTORS®

Brooke Hunt headshot

“Tom’s leadership comes from the heart, he speaks to members of this association at all levels because he walks their walk. True leadership starts at the grassroots level and rises as called, Tom is the leader needed for our future. The NAR Nominating Committee and the 41 states, territories and regions who have endorsed Tom agree.”

~Brooke Hunt

2013 Region X Vice President, 2009 Chairman Texas Realtors®

DIana Bull headshot

“Tom is on the front line everyday with all of us. Tom is passionate, articulate and knows our issues 110%. He is the perfect spokesperson for our members and our clients!”

~ Diana Bull

1999 California Association of REALTORS® President and 2006 NAR Region 13 Vice President

"I'd just like to say that he's the best Realtor® I've ever dealt with."

~Ben Dacke

Client (Seller)

George C. Stephens headshot

"Tom, we've been friends for a longer time than I care to admit. In all that time, I trusted and respected you and never once have I been disappointed. You have done what you stated you would do. You are credible. Sometimes you are even likable! I know you will be an outstanding NAR President in 2016."

~George C. Stephens

2003 Texas Association of Realtors® Chairman of the Board

Johnnie Byrd headshot

"During my term as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Tom served as President of the Florida Association of Realtors®. He helped lead the fight to defeat an onerous transfer tax bill, which would have cost Florida homeowners billions of dollars by now. His determination to protect homeowners was evident. Tom is a true leader."

~Johnnie Byrd

former Florida Speaker of the House of Representatives

"While Tom has been sharing his values, ideas and beliefs with us, he’s been traveling this country collaborating with us, creating a shared vision for our success "

~Vince Malta

2006 President California Association of Realtors
2010 & 2011 NAR Vice President & Liaison to Government Affairs


the right


National Association of Realtors®
NAR First Vice President
Board of Directors, Executive Committee Representative
Executive Committee Member
Corporate Investor Council
Leadership Team Attendee
Director of REALTOR® Party Activities
Responsible for oversight of (6) NAR committees
Issues Mobilization Committee
REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee
REALTOR® Party Coordinating Committee
RPAC Fundraising Forum
RPAC Major Investor Council
Committee Liaison RPAC Trustees Committee
Board of Directors Executive Committee Representative
Executive Committee Member
RPAC Soft Dollar Fundraising Workgroup
2012 GSE PAG
Executive Committee Member
Board of Directors Committee Liaison
Liaison for State and Political Issues
Issues Mobilization Committee
REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee
REALTOR® Party Coordinating Committee Workgroup
RPAC Trustees Committee
RPAC Fundraising Forum
State and Local Issues Committee
Public Advocacy Advisory Group
Smart Growth Program Advisory Group
RPAC Soft Dollar Fundraising Work Group
Public Policy Advisory Group
Board of Directors Executive Committee Representative
President Advisory Group (PAG) on Credit Policy
Budget Review Team
Executive Committee Member
Board of Directors
Chairman Economic Issues and Residential RE Business Issues Trends Forum
Executive CommitteeMember
Board of Directors
Chairman Meeting and Conference Committee (Convention)
Chairman Conference Program Sub-Committee
Board of Directors Regional Vice President
Federal Taxation Committee member
Regional Vice-President, Region V: AL, FL, GA, MS, VI, PR
Executive Committee Member
Board of Directors
Board of Directors Board Forum Chair
Chairman Mega Board Forum
Board of Directors
Board of Directors Board Forum Chair
Chairman Large Board Sub-Forum
Federal Taxation Committee Member
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Conventional Finance & Lending Committee
Public Policy Coordinating Committee
Board of Directors
Conventional Finance & Lending Committee
Board of Directors
Federal Housing Policy Committee
Board of Directors

Tom has served in numerous capacities on the NAR Board of Directors. Some of those positions include Large Board Representative; State Allocated Director; State President; Board Forum Chair; Regional Vice President; Executive Committee Representative and Committee Liaison

Member NAR Board of Director 14 years
RPAC: Major Donor | "Golden R" President's Circle

Florida Realtors®
Silent Angels Trustee
Chairman, Short Sale Presidential Advisory Group
Short Sale Presidential Advisory Group
Silent Angels Trustee
Silent Angels Trustee
Presidential Advisory Group on Foreclosures
Realtor® of the Year
President (104,000 members)
Director: 1990 – Present (24 years)

For over two decades, Tom has chaired and led the state association as a Leadership Team member, Director, Chairman, and member of Executive, Finance, Strategic planning, Legal Issues, and Convention committees.

Local Association of Realtors®
Awarded Life Membership (lifetime achievement award)
Realtor® of the Year
President North Broward Association of Realtors® (Now Realtor® Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, 8,233 members)

Served on and Chaired every committee at the Local Association Level since 1980.



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